The menus of Finca Catering are a variation of the contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, which includes vibrant and seasonal ingredients, which are purchased locally when possible.

Our goal is to develop innovative and delicious dishes for our guests. Whether a dish is traditional or new, it always has something special. The fresh ingredients inspire our chef to create seasonal dishes. We make menus for every event with the incomparable flavors of the ingredients we trust. From the acquisition of ingredients to the development and presentation of a dish, we respect the integrity of our ingredients.

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Squid strips with bamboo shoots and smoked pork belly
Goat cheese in tempura on pumpkin chutney
Lettuce hearts with smoked haddock and goat cheese
Canapé of pastry filled with tomato cream and sprouts
Salmon cubes, marinated in mango chutney
Tomato bruschetta ginger with and without anchovy fillet on baguette
Fried foie gras on apricot onion confit in ceramic spoon
Bruschetta with mediterranean vegetables and pickled red onion
Monkfish cubes roasted with rosemary and pancetta
Dates with almond heart wrapped in bacon with sweet and sour sauce
Roast beef with crudités and tatars dip
Crunchy chicken fillet with sweet and sour sauce
Dumplings filled with spicy chicken and tender corn maize
Scampi in brown coat and sweet and sour sauce
Baked pralinés from wild mushrooms and serrano ham
Majorcan paprika sausage with grilled pineapple and gratinated cheese
Mini mozzarella with mango carpaccio and cherry tomatoes
Antipasti with serrano ham in ceramic spoon
Coconut saffron prawns on skewers
Ricotta sage crepe with herb-cream
Spanish tortilla with spinach and vegetable pie
Tartlets with tomato-cream and serrano ham
Serrano ham live cut by hand *

Menu 1
Fried king prawns with asparagus salad and asparagus soup in glass
Duck breast from the smoking ovens on lentils and mango salad with mint and salad bouquet
Iberian fillet “Pata Negra” in tomatoes with arugula, grilled potatoes and parsley pesto

Menu 2
Bodega serrano ham with mushroom antipasti and pecorino chips
Trilogy of cold soup in glass: Tomato with a slight touch of ginger, melon with yogurt and leek vichyssoise
Fillet of red mullet on truffle ravioli in white wine sauce and vegetable strips
Medallion of entrecote with red wine sauce on vegetable bouquet and rosemary potatoes

Menu 3
Ceviche of tuna on avocado chutney and baby sprout salad
Fillet of atlantic cod on carrot risotto and saffron sauce
Fillet steak mignon on grilled vegetables and truffled potato gratin

Menu 4
Salad with marinated scampi on poached salmon and pear-walnut chutney
Seabass filet on salmon ravioli in crustacean sauce and carrot mousse
Duck breast with fried foie gras, potato and almond broccoli
Lukewarm chocolat coulant with liquid core, blood orange mousse and vanilla ice cream to fruit bouquet

Menu 5
Fried king prawns with avocado chutney and salad
Ceviche from lou de mar with coriander on arugula and pomegranate vinaigrette
Saddle of lamb with olive hood on red wine sauce with grilled eggplant and rosemary potatoes
Chilled soup of white chocolate with warm mini chocolate biscuit and raspberries

On the buffet
Tortilla corners with spinach
Serrano ham with mushrooms and Parmesan
Seafood salad in glass and green salads
Majorcan tomato salad with apples, capers and basil
Light potato salad with little green beans, black olives and red onion

Marinated entrecote medallions
Involtinis of chicken breast
Peeled scampi skewers with garlic oil and parsley
Fish fillets in the baking sheet with vegetable and herb sauce
Local sausages on a skewer
grilled vegetables: eggplant, peppers, zucchini, oyster mushrooms, squash, broccoli
Rosemary potatoes from the paella pan
BBQ sauces, dipping sauce and salad dressings are served with the dishes
Live cooking station
Chicken and / or prawns with crunchy vegetables in white wine sauce “a la minute”
pink roasted entrecote with red wine sauce carved live on the spot
Klippfish fillet majorcan style with mixed vegetables and chard,
Pine nuts and potato slices
“Tumbet Mallorquin” eggplant, zucchini, peppers with tomato on potato slices
Rosemary potatoes and basmati rice

Tomato-ginger bruschetta with and without anchovy fillet on baguette
Scampi in brown coating with sweet and sour sauce
Baked pralinés from wild mushrooms and serrano ham
Majorcan paprika sausage with grilled pineapple and cheese gratin
Mini mozzarella with mango carpaccio and cherry tomatoes
Bread, olives, aioli
Mixed paella
(meat, fish & seafood)
vegetarian paella
Crema catalane with white chocolate
Lukewarm chocolate-coulant with liquid core

Orange juice, tomato juice , water, sparkling or plain, softdrinks, cappuccino, espresso, caffé latte, caffé americano, a selection of teas

Marmelade & jam, nutella
Fruit variations with curd, yogurt & muesli
Bread selection, rolls, croissants & small cake selection
Serrano ham, cold cuts (salami etc.) and international cheese selection
Smoked salmon with various dips
Tomato-mango-mozzarella-salad with spring-garlic and basil vinaigrette
Egg dishes, freshly made en el buffet
Scrambled eggs with shrimps or bacon and herbs
Omeletts alternatively with scampis, onion cubes, peppers and tomatoes
Fruit salad

Lukewarm chocolate-coulant with liquid core
Passion-fruit tiramisu,
pannacotta with raspberry couli
Crema catalana caramelized live
Optional for weddings: Wedding cake with strawberry heart and yogurt cream

Midnight snack
Cauldron goulash soup with baguette
Various Local sausages straight from the pan
Burrito with chilli con carne
Fajita Rolls with ham, cheese, turkey breast and salad
Serrano ham, cheese and salami with baguette, aioli and olive mix

Tapas / Fingerfood
Vegetable tortilla
Panzanella with fried Radicchio
Thai mushroom salad
Root carpaccio with pumpkin seed oil
Grilled lemon-chili champignons
Variations of hummus
Artichokes with pine nuts and mint
Polenta with fried peppers
Rice and basil balls
Variations of falafel
Vegetable-tofu packets
Pumpkin and parsnip fries with mint dip
Quinoa salad
Couscous-vegetable pan
Vegetables in parchment with mint-olive dip

Vegetable soup
Vegetable broth with

Main courses
Chick pea curry with caramelized sweet potatoes
Saffron risotto with grilled vegetables
Eggplant & pepper goulash with polenta
Corn tortillas with caramelized vegetables
Colourful pasta pan

Spiced red wine pear
Fruit carpaccio with mango ice
Gratinated mango-coconut cream
Red berry compote with coconut cream

White wine: Rueda Verdejo o Son Cavaller
Rosé wine : Son Cavaller
Red wine: Glorioso Rioja Crianza o Son Cavaller
Cava / sparkling wine, water, soft drinks & national beer


Tapas Buffet for 15 – 25 persons
Mini mozzarella with mango and cherry tomatoes
Meatballs with tomato-herbs dipp
Tomato-ginger bruschetta on baguette
Bodega Serrano ham and cured manchego cheese
Almond filled dates wrapped in bacon
Spanish tortilla with spinach
Salmon cubes, marinated in pumpkin chutney
Lettuce hearts with smoked haddock and goat cheese cream
“pulpo a la gallega”, octopus with coarse salt and spicy red pepper powder
Roast beef with crudités and tatars dipp
Potato salad with olive oil, chili and garlic
Prepared on platters/trays

Luxury barbecue package for 10 to 25 Persons
Seafood salad in glass and green salads
Majorcan tomato salad with apples, capers and basil
Light potato salad with little green beans, black olives and red onion

Prepared food for the grill
Marinated medallions of black angus entrecote
lamb chops
Seawater giant prawns black tiger
Vegetable skewers
Oven potato with herbal quark

Majorcan almond cake
Passionfruit tiramisu in glass
Pannacotta with raspberry-couli

Prepared on platters / trays